About me


I'm David Chen and I practiced and performed cello for almost 10 years as a kid, then gave it up when I went to college. In summer 2014, I picked it up again because I thought I could do it differently: by using a looping pedal and a pickup, I could re-create entire songs all by myself using a single cello. 

These songs represent my first attempt at interpreting pop music via cello. Despite many hours of practice, I still consider them to be in rough shape - the first steps of what I hope will be a longer journey. But I hope you will be able to find moments of beauty within each track, as I have.

When I'm not playing cello, I host and product podcasts like The /Filmcast, A Cast of Kings, and The Tobolowsky Files. I also just directed my first feature-length film, The Primary Instinct.

Thank you for checking out my music. If you'd like to collaborate with me or talk with me for any other reason, email me anytime at davechen@davechen.net.